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Claire Richard- Reframing in His Light

As we continue to grow in our own faith and serve as counselors, we may learn new information that can assist in our ability to reframe.  I recently was introduced to a concept called “protective darkness.”  This term can be used to explain why the future being unknown to us is a form of protection.  Our future is hidden as an intentional act of the Lord for our good

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Marshall Myers – When Seeking Pastoral Counseling

After a full day of working a residential site for internship, in the hopes of growing in the field of clinical counseling, I needed to meet another student briefly before returning come back to my Steubenville apartment, to simply relax or to look at other school related project. However, the course of life sometimes leads us in strange and different ways, and just before I was about to enter the city on Route 7 north, I began to hear a noise on my driver’s side.

Pastoral Counseling at Franciscan University of Steubenville

Pastoral Counseling Applications

In practice, Pastoral Counseling offers clients an intersection of theological foundations, philosophical moral grounding, and evidence-based clinical skill applications. To envision how this intersection comes to life in a pastoral counseling session, a brief, fictional case study may be helpful. Imagine a young, 20-year-old male college student comes to the office of a pastoral counselor. Within the first meeting, the pastoral counselor is already aware that their time together with the student is likely limited.