Church entrance in Vienna

Niemaszyk & Jernberg: Avalanches

The Carthusian monastery I’m currently living and studying in has steep, slick roofs and Austria has snow built up on every surface from recent storms: the perfect equation for an “avalanche.” At any time of day, heavy snow will unexpectedly slide off the roof and crash to the ground, disturbing the silence and even waking people from their sleep in the midst of the night.

man under the Aurora Borealis in Iceland

Niemaszyk & Jernberg: If You Don’t Like the Weather, Wait Five Minutes

A common thing for students to do before beginning their semester in Austria is to visit a country a week before classes start. A popular destination is Ireland where students are surrounded by the Cliffs of Moher, beautiful countryside, and Irish culture. Four of my friends and I decided to break this tradition and take a riskier trip: explore the beautiful country of Iceland.

Kayak Beach

Baker: Journey to Shark Island

The following day we were blessed with gorgeous weather and once again boated out to Looe Key where the crisp blue waters awaited our return. After returning from Looe and eating lunch, we got to witness the transplanting of a captured nurse shark to the holding pond at camp. Up until this point, I had never seen a shark of any kind this close but seeing its gills move and tail flail as it was moved to the point was a sight of slight fear and amazement.

Praise and Worship

Witham: The Highs of the San Diego Mission

What a week. The highs of San Diego Mission triumphed over any challenges that the enemy tried to throw our way. It was a week submerged in prayer, fellowship and evangelism. I found myself emptied time and time again by ministering to children who were starving for true Love. My greatest hope is that the people I encountered did not encounter the imperfection that I am but the perfection that Christ is.