MCAT stack of books

Clarahan: The MCAT: A Long Term Academic Goal

This summer I am preparing to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) for entrance into medical school. The test is administered by the American Association of Medical Colleges and is a standardized exam testing the student in the subjects of general chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, biology, and a critical thinking section called “verbal reasoning.”

love yourself quote as a tattoo

Loving Jesus Within…

We are living in a society where there is a crisis of self-worth. People are starving for attention, we struggle to take compliments, and regardless of the 9 positive comments we received throughout the day, the only thing we will remember is the one negative one. Not only will we remember the negative comment, but we will define ourselves by it because that one comment just revealed how little we already feel about ourselves.

people running through sand

Stewart: Preparing to Love Haiti

In a course of unexpected yet welcomed events, I am excited to say that I am preparing to head off to Haiti next week!

I found out about a mission trip to serve Haitian children in an orphanage, and my heart leaped outside of my chest at the thought of being able to serve and love them. I’m listening to my heart… I’ll be honest and say…