Troubadour Staff

Crites: The Best Paper in the World: The Troubadour

I joined The Troubadour as a freshman during my first week at Franciscan University. I came in as a mass communications major with a concentration in journalism and had high hopes to become a mainstream newspaper journalist. It made sense to join the school paper. I had been a part of my school paper in high school and wrote a few articles so had some experience that would help me be successful, but my editors gave me the tools I needed to do well. Within my first year at Franciscan, I wrote over 40 articles on topics ranging from expansions on campus, student government, the March for Life, and more.

Newspaper Production class

Crites: Reasons Why Franciscan Professors are the Best

Because of the very broad core program at Franciscan, Franciscan students have the opportunity to take classes with a wide variety of professors from different departments. Within my first semester, I knew there was something very special about this group of people who have dedicated themselves to the education of their younger brothers and sisters in Christ. So what is it that makes them the best?

Film Club in action

Robau: The Franciscan Film Club

This semester has been everything it has promised to be and more. Much, much, more. Almost too much. Between household, graduate school applications, classes, work, the play, and my senior thesis, this semester has been filled to the brim with one thing after the next. Looking back on the semester thus far, the extra-full schedule has been well worth it because despite the late nights and early mornings, I feel like I am taking full advantage of the little time I have left here at Franciscan.