Lorenzo Resendez

CMHC Blogger


Greetings! My name is Lorenzo Resendez. I recently graduated with a theology and Psychology Bachelor’s degree from Franciscan University and am currently a Master’s Counseling student here as well. I was raised throughout 5 different states and across 2 countries and have found many places that I am blessed to be able to call home along the way. I have also been blessed to find many friends who I can be my weird and crazy self with, who I serve others with and who I journey on this road of life with.
I am a Catholic, a musician, a lover of all things outdoors, a self proclaimed goofball, and a proud member of the human race. When I graduate, I hope to work with my bishop in order to continue serving those closest to me as a Pastoral Counselor in my home diocese in New Mexico. 

The Foundations of the Journey

Over these past few years, I have spent my time learning more and more about psychological theories, theological concepts, Marian apparitions, Group dynamics and so many other things as I study to become a Pastoral Counselor at Franciscan.


A Partner on the Journey

Going through life, and especially growing up, we are constantly asked what we want to be when we grow up. Some kids say they want to be president, others want to be an astronaut, and some claim they will be dinosaurs.