Jessica Morrison

CMHC Blogger


Hey y’all! My name is Jessica Morrison, and I am a second year in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s program at Franciscan.  My hometown is Conroe, Texas, where two-stepping, Whataburger, and darn good barbeque welcome me for every visit.
When I am not studying, working, or interning, I am catching up on Dancing With the Stars, adventuring with friends, and keeping in touch with loved ones.  After graduation, I plan to pursue licensure in Texas as a professional counselor.  The words of a friend are always with me: “If God wills it, he will give you the grace.”

Expensive Window-Shopping

For those of us who are not quite making the big bucks, or making few bucks at all, at least getting to window shop and dream about what we might like to buy if we won the lottery is a realistic alternative.


The Pastoral Counselor and the True Counselor

In many ways, clinical counseling and pastoral counseling have a significant overlap in techniques used and in necessary skills. Lack of active listening, empathy, respect, and authenticity would make any class of counseling ineffective, and perhaps not genuine counseling at all.


Freedom in Pastoral Counseling

What is pastoral counseling? In short, I don’t entirely know. In a way I know exactly what it is because of how pastoral counselors are currently practicing, even what it has been as I have studied the development of it.