Stone Statue and bust

Alicia Summers

CMHC Blogger

Hello!  I am a 20-something grad student, and full time substance abuse counselor with the ability to overthink anything and everything. Born in Ohio, lived in a few other states since then, now hailing from Pittsburgh and trying to make sense of life both as a professional and perpetual student, I’ve developed this blog to keep track of my thoughts, specifically about the field of Pastoral counseling and other concepts about counseling, healing and self-actualization as a lifelong process. When I’m not overthinking things, I enjoy painting, drawing, reading, laughing and watching detective shows. (Like it’s my job.) 
Reading this blog, you”ll most likely be introduced to the influences of my degree in psychology, my current progress as a Master’s student in the counseling program at Franciscan, and many other experiences I’ve had that have impacted and formed my way of relating to the world.