Wiker: “Here’s How We Can Stop the Transgender Juggernaut”

In my previous article, I argued that transgenderism will surely be the gateway to social and legal acceptance of pedophilia. The reason is very clear. While efforts to push through pedophilia on the heels of the victories of the homosexual movement have hit a wall, the transgender movement has had immediate, astounding success.

Wiker: “More About the Dreaded Passage from Ephesians”

As we’ve seen in Part I, the Genesis account of the Creation and Fall makes very clear that — against our notions of egalitarianism — man and woman are not created equal. Nor are they created unequal. Equal and unequal have nothing to do with it. Rather, male and female are complementary — that is, they complete each other, and as a union, are together made in the image of God.

Hendershott: “Pope Francis and the ‘religion of humanity'”

As individuals move away from organized religion, they begin to search elsewhere for meaning in their lives. Some turn to relationships, to work, or to politics. In doing so, they become creatures not of God but of society-politics. One then has the choice to either rule or be ruled, and the stakes can be no higher, because for the secular humanist man is the highest being, and so power among men is the highest good.

Krason: “A Crisis of Both Justice and Civic Friendship”

Even though the Mueller report seemed to bring an end to the long investigation of the 2016 Trump campaign for something that is not even a federal crime—collusion—the left can’t seem to let it go. Even though they expressed full confidence in Mueller as the investigation went on, they suddenly began to question his credibility after the report seemed to exonerate the campaign and President Trump from wrongdoing.

A scale with college names above it

Krason: “The Proper Response to the College Admissions Scandal”

The college admissions scandal that hit the news a few weeks ago has generated shock, much commentary, and many calling for the heads of the rich and prominent who tried to get special treatment for their offspring. We need, however, to take a sober look at the legal response to this and what the scandal tells us about the state of American higher education.

Equal Rights Buttons

Krason: “The Exhumation of the Equal Rights Amendment”

Some readers may have noticed the campaign in some states to “ratify” a constitutional amendment proposal that people thought had died almost forty years ago. Remember the Equal Rights Amendment, which was a major feminist rallying point in the 1970s? Proposed by Congress in 1972, after the idea had been kicked around for fifty years, it quickly sailed through state legislatures and seemed destined for an easy ratification.