A great knowledge of the subject matter doesn’t help your students if you don’t know how to present it in the classroom. You also must know how to tap into your students’ lives and know how they think, how they struggle, where their passions lie, and how cultural influences affect them.

Education majors at Franciscan University learn the art of teaching the whole person: opening minds with truth and forming hearts through a loving concern. In your classes you will learn how to bring the rich Catholic understanding of human dignity into every teaching situation, helping your students be formed in body, mind, and spirit.

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Doudna: Voiceless Children of a New Generation

As I walked briskly down Independence Avenue in Washington, D.C. last autumn while visiting a friend, the click, click, click, click of my heels added to the cacophony of the street vendors, construction workers, vehicles, and the throng of people who each added their own particular noise to the mix. Where were they all going?


Fischer: Teaching Reading to Onions

Have you ever tried to teach an onion? Moreover, have you ever tried to teach an onion reading? It is not an easy task. In this classic DreamWorks scene, when Shrek tells Donkey that ogres are like onions, Donkey completely misses the point. If teachers are not focused, they, too, can miss the point because their students also are like onions.


Nelson: Lights, Camera, Fluency!

Teachers of reading have begun to adapt Reader’s Theatre as a new instructional strategy in their classroom. The Reader’s Theatre strategy combines reading aloud, repetitive readings, and performing which not only motivates students to read, but it also increases reader’s fluency.


Hernon: What Even is the Montessori Method?

Questions people ask about Montessori:
Is it that hippie school down the road that lets kids learn whatever they want? Is it possible to teach reading kinesthetically? Don’t they only teach kids how to pour and home economics? Don’t they clump all the grades and ages together?