Sarah Prosser

Student Blogger


It is such a huge blessing to attend Franciscan University where the study abroad program has become commonplace among the student body. I would say roughly 85% of the people I know have gone to or are planning to go to Austria. Sometimes I forget how awesome and rare of an opportunity that is.  Most other schools do not have a program like ours.

Prosser: Anchored in Christ

Life is continuously changing. Human persons have a natural disposition to fight life’s changes. It always seems that just as we become settled and comfortable, life draws us out of our complacency and uproots us from all that we know, love and are familiar with. We scream and yell at life for doing this. We stubbornly resist with every fiber of our being even though we know that despite our best efforts life will change.


Prosser: He Who Sings Prays Twice

Growing up, my dad was in a rock band. And let me just tell you, it was the coolest. I grew up wandering the halls of my house with my own personal soundtrack provided by the notes ringing forth from my dad’s guitar. Music has been interwoven throughout the span of my life ranging from church choir to a punk band to my high school’s musical productions. Little did I know that in the future, the Lord would use music as an avenue to draw me closer to Him.


Prosser: These Four Years

Have you ever put cookie dough in ice cream? If you haven’t I highly suggest it. I promise you won’t regret the decision. That was my Saturday night this past weekend. My roommate Mary and I had ice cream and cookie dough and watched The Fault in Our Stars. Talk about the epitome of a girl’s night.


Prosser: One Little “Fiat”

If there is anything for certain that I can tell you about the last few years at Franciscan it is that God works in the most unexpected ways. It’s in the smallest of choices that I’ve made that He has worked the most. I would like to tell you about one of those times.


Prosser: Choose Joy

Midterms week is in full swing here at Franciscan. The library is overflowing with students attempting to cram knowledge into every nook and cranny of their brains. Nights of adequate amounts of sleep are a distant memory of the past.


Prosser: What a Franciscan Education Really Means

“What year are you in?” is a typical question asked of any college student across the country. This year when the words, “I’m a senior,” escape from my lips, a wide variety of emotions arise within me. First, there is a level of upperclassman pride that I deserve the title of senior after all of the countless hours of hard work I have put in over the last three years.


Prosser: The Adventure Called Austria

In 17 very short days, my feet will land on American soil for the first time in 4 months. I hate to be that person who’s all sappy and sentimental at the end of the semester, but I ‘m going to be. My semester in Austria has been the hardest and the best semester of my life all at the same time. I haven’t quite nailed down all the details of how I’ve changed, but I’m not the same woman I was when I stepped through the doors of the Pittsburgh airport in January.


Prosser: In The Spirit of St. Francis

Each semester the study abroad program offers the students a chance to attend a 10-day pilgrimage to Rome, the heart of the Catholic Church, and Assisi, the home of our school’s patron St. Francis. The first half of the pilgrimage is spent in Rome.


Prosser: It’s the Little Things

Europe is, to sum it up in one word, grand. We have gone on school excursions to Melk, Salzburg and Vienna. The cities are full of churches that tower over the sky line and palaces that stretch into the horizon. Gaming, though itself is small, is situated in the middle of the mountains, which tower over the town below.


Prosser: Where My Trust Is Without Borders

This Gospel story is the underlying theme of my life as of late. On January 23, I lugged my bags out of the trunk of our family car, gave my parents a tearful goodbye hug, and walked through the sliding glass doors of the Pittsburgh airport ready to take the Lord’s hand and follow Him wherever He would lead me.


Prosser: We Only Part to Meet Again

Phew. After the most intense semester of my college career to date, I have finally been able to relax in the comfort of my home in the cozy mountains of central Pennsylvania. I can’t believe that Christmas break came already. It feels like weeks ago that I was moving into my room in St. Thomas More Hall, but I am all moved out and preparing for spending the spring semester abroad in Gaming, Austria.