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Nicole Jurina

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Pastoral Counseling means walking with another person in their pilgrimage of faith and in their human experience and helping them to integrate both into their healing journey. It takes a special calling to assist another person in carrying their pain. Pastoral Counselors meet individuals on their own path to Calvary, and just as Simon of Cyrene helped Christ carry the burden of his cross, so do counselors help to carry an individual’s cross, whether it be involving the person as a physical being, spiritual being, psychological being, emotional being, or a combination of all-pastoral counseling is where mental health meets faith; where mental illness meets spiritual renewal.

Witnessing the Mystery of the Human Experience

The basic question of this blog is “what is pastoral counseling.” If you break apart the title of pastoral counseling, you have pastoral and you have counseling. Now take a second and think about what comes to mind when you read those two words. Got it? Good.