Nayda Perez

Austria Correspondant


Hi! My name is Nayda Perez and I graduated from Franciscan University in May 2015. I completed a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and it is hard to believe that I do not have to worry about internship hours anymore. However, there are still those 3,000 hours for the license hovering over me! You are probably wondering what I am doing in Pastoral Counseling class. Well, there is that Christian Counseling Certificate waiting for me. Therefore, I came back to Franciscan for Post-grad courses (and yes!) it is possible to receive the Christian Counseling Certificate after graduation. Now that I have graduated, I plan to read relaxing books, travel and dance Zumba with my daughter. She is my pride and joy!

Listening from the Last Pew

“From August 2002 to June 2003, I lived and walked among the faceless people of the streets. I say ‘faceless’ because when you are homeless, the rest of the world does its very best to look past you” (The Word Among Us, November 2014, p.56). This article got my attention as I was leaving from an hour of adoration in the Blessed Sacrament. It felt like Jesus was speaking right at me and challenging me to put my faith into action. Is that me, Lord?


Pastoral Counseling with Father Michael

Meet Father Michael, a priest and pastoral counselor from the Diocese of Omaha, Nebraska, who uses YouTube as a resource to reach parishioners and others in need of a word of encouragement. A priest is usually trying to meet the responsibilities in a parish and his commitment to care for the needs of individuals, families and small groups. Counselors and pastors are beginning to realize the power of media to reach clients and parishioners.


Pastoral Counseling vs. Clinical Counseling?

What is pastoral Counseling? My first thought when I hear those words is an office inside the parish of my Catholic Church. Even though I have not experienced pastoral counseling in that setting, the stories of other parishioners begin to flood my memory. The wife seeking answers about the lack of communication in her marriage after thirty years, or the friend who just heard that it was best if she aborted the baby because there was something wrong with the “fetus.”