Martin Jernberg

Photo/Video Blogger


I am from Lancaster, Massachusetts. Currently I study multi-media communications at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. Life is incredibly special and full of beauty. I believe photography is amazing and so important because it allows us to capture unique moments forever. Not only am I able to capture special moments but I am also able to add my own artistic style to each photo in order to create a work of art. It is very satisfying. On top of photographing weddings and portraits, I enjoy traveling and visiting new places. I also love the outdoors and backpacking. Spending time in the wilderness with other people is exceptional and important because it gives us a break from daily distractions and it forces us to be aware of our beautiful surroundings 🙂 If you are interested in seeing my recent photos follow me on instagram: @martinjphoto and www.martinjphoto.com

Jernberg: Traunsee Lake

We ran into this unexpected lake and stunning location on our way from Hallstatt to Linz! A few of us were even brave enough to jump into the freezing cold water.


Jernberg: Hallstatt

After an amazing weekend of driving through central Europe, we had to head home from Lake Bled to Linz. In Linz we would drop off our rental car and then take a train back to Gaming. On our way back we were able to stop for lunch in Hallstatt and were lucky enough to soak in the beauty of this amazing town while munching on kabobs, good bread, and brie!


Niemaszyk & Jernberg: Avalanches

The Carthusian monastery I’m currently living and studying in has steep, slick roofs and Austria has snow built up on every surface from recent storms: the perfect equation for an “avalanche.” At any time of day, heavy snow will unexpectedly slide off the roof and crash to the ground, disturbing the silence and even waking people from their sleep in the midst of the night.


Jernberg: Arrival in Austria

My friend Isiah Springer-Blacke and I hiked to the steel cross on Book mountain last night. We were surrounded by fog and clouds until about seven pm when the sky cleared up and the stars came out!


Niemaszyk & Jernberg: If You Don’t Like the Weather, Wait Five Minutes

A common thing for students to do before beginning their semester in Austria is to visit a country a week before classes start. A popular destination is Ireland where students are surrounded by the Cliffs of Moher, beautiful countryside, and Irish culture. Four of my friends and I decided to break this tradition and take a riskier trip: explore the beautiful country of Iceland.