Marshall L. Myers

Marshall L. Myers

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Marshall L. Myers is currently a second year Franciscan University of Steubenville Graduate Student in the Clinical Counseling program. He is currently working at two internship sites, Crossroads Counseling which is a non-profit agency with a drug and alcohol recovery emphasis and Fox Run, which is a residential facility for children under eighteen years of age whom have experienced trauma. He has lived in Steubenville, OH since 1999, and he is originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Marshall is a convert to the Catholic faith, and he hopes to blend the deep richness of the faith into his counseling profession wherever God may lead the journey.

Marshall Myers – When Seeking Pastoral Counseling

After a full day of working a residential site for internship, in the hopes of growing in the field of clinical counseling, I needed to meet another student briefly before returning come back to my Steubenville apartment, to simply relax or to look at other school related project. However, the course of life sometimes leads us in strange and different ways, and just before I was about to enter the city on Route 7 north, I began to hear a noise on my driver’s side.