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Marc Radabaugh

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I’m Marc Radabaugh. My household, Fishers of Men, chose me to lead them through this year.  On its surface, the responsibility doesn’t seem to be too great. On a deeper level, however, the task is daunting. For someone who has a hard time finding holiness myself, I can’t help but think at times that there was a mistake in the ballot counting.  Fortunately, God’s grace is both powerful and overflowing, and I’m counting on that river of grace to carry me through. Hopefully, some of y’all out there reading this blog will come to Franciscan and help continue this Catholic culture.

Radabaugh: Marc’s Final Blog

So this is my final blog for Franciscan University.  While I know this sentence has many of you reaching for the Kleenex box, please do not worry.  I am sure there are equally qualified individuals coming after me to fill the lofty role of Franciscan University Blogger.


Radabaugh: Households

Fr. Michael Scanlan became the President of Franciscan University in 1974.  One of his biggest worries upon arrival was the pervasive attitude of isolation and loneliness that existed amongst the student body.


Radabaugh: Family

I feel like things have truly settled down here on campus.  Everyone is well into their classes and quickly approaching midterms.  Flag football teams are eye-ing the playoffs, at least when they can see through their mud spattered faces. 


Radabaugh: Authentic

My day job, when I’m not busy being a superhero blogger, is one as a tour guide here at Franciscan University.  It’s a role that I truly enjoy to play because of all of the people that I come in contact with and the questions they ask me.  Today, a young lady began asking me about the authentically Catholic culture here on campus.


Radabaugh: Senior Year

Another school year has begun, and I am once again blessed to be writing one of the student blogs for Franciscan University.  While this is the beginning of another year, this is not just any year for me.