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We are all children of God, and as a counseling intern, I find it such an honor to love and care for people the way that my degree allows me to. Counselors are called to care for people, help them understand their worth as a person, enjoy their life to the fullest, and help them find their way when times are hard. Pastoral counselors have an added advantage, they are able to meet with people in a religious setting and use the resources of the Church to help their clients. Being able to talk about someone’s personal relationship with God as well as the ability to call the client on in holiness is an amazing privilege that pastoral counselors have.

Self Care: What I Learned From My Fever

This semester has been quite possibly the craziest time of my life. This past summer was one that led to a schoolwork burnout. Working seven days a week to get all of the required internship hours and then enduring four-hour night classes after long day ran my energy and focus out. I had two weeks after the summer of fun to return home to my family in Florida until the fall semester.


Witness to Hope

This last week, I felt that I was consumed with stress, homework, obligations, and decisions. Some of the graduate students and I planned to go to the Catholic Psychotherapy Association Conference in Arlington, VA and I felt that it was becoming an impossible feat to get there. I was surprised to see where these obstacles came from, but as one of my friends pointed out that Satan was working very hard to keep us from the good that was the conference.


Pastoral Counselor: Being a Shepard of the Flock

Pastoral counseling is an interesting field. In this field your main goal is to guide your clients into a deeper relationship with God. The goal is stated very simply, the challenging and cautionary part comes in when you think of what that one goal entails.