Leann Roggensack

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Welcome to my blog! I’m Leann Roggensack and I’m a nursing major here at Franciscan University. I’m a member of the household Theotokos, play intramural basketball, and took part in SENT Ministries. For those of you who don’t know about it, SENT is an organization on campus that forms teams of students to organize retreats for local high school students. I absolutely loved it.

God Bless!

Roggensack: Final Semester, Here We Go

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great time with your families and friends over the holidays. I was able to go home to Nashville to be with family, and then to my grandparents’ house in Iowa for a big family Christmas party. It was so great to be able to visit with my cousins, aunts, and uncles from around the country!


Roggensack: A Fun Kind of Busy

Happy March! It’ been a fast two months since I last posted. I have been pretty busy, but in different ways than I have been in the past semesters. In the past semesters, I was very busy with school work, clinicals, and just nursing in general. This semester is definitely less intensive than the other nursing semesters, so I have more free time. But the problem is that I get so excited that I have free time, I fill it all immediately with other things because I can! So, I’m busy, but in the best way possible.


Roggensack: Theotokos – What a Household!

Like many seniors, I have found myself reminiscing and reflecting more and more as my time at Franciscan comes to a close. Although there is a lot to remember and find joy in – Austria memories, fall breaks, dances, etc. – one thing that my mind keeps going back to is my household, Theotokos. I joined the household as a sophomore coming back from Austria, and it has been such a stable source of prayer, love, and sisterhood for me here.


Roggensack: All Saints’ Break

Hello again, I’m writing this post refreshed and re-invigorated after a great four day break! With midterms, tennis championships, and household intramural football games absorbing my time, a little four-day getaway was much appreciated.


Roggensack: Franciscan Fall: Homecoming Weekend and Tennis

Welcome October! The sunny chill has swept across campus, along with the beautiful colors of fall. I find myself getting lost in the beauty of the leaves and sunshine; this is bad for my studies because all I want to do is walk around campus or take a drive! This past weekend was Alumni Weekend, so the campus was bustling with activity.


Roggensack: 2012-13 School Year, Here I Come!

Happy Fall, and welcome back to my blog! After being home all summer, it is a great feeling to be back on campus for my senior year. This summer, I worked as a nursing intern at the Veteran’s Medial Center back home in Nashville, Tennessee.


Roggensack: 15-Year Household Reunion and Easter

Spring is finally here! Easter Sunday, Easter Week, and Divine Mercy Sunday brought with them wonderful weather that leaves me gaping at the beauty of campus. The trees are blooming, the flowers blossoming, and the green grass is begging me desperately to shirk my studies and go lay in it. But I know better… with finals in only a couple weeks, this is no time to slack off.


Roggensack: Florida Spring Break

I am writing you refreshed and relaxed from a week in Florida. Six girls and I drove down to a beach a little south of Orlando for the much-anticipated weeklong break. Most people had big tests or projects due the week before break, so we were all thankful to not have much work to do over spring break.


Roggensack: The Beauty of Life and S.E.N.T.

Hello again! Since the last time I wrote, my world has been ROCKED due to an amazing clinical experience at the hospital and an incredible S.E.N.T. retreat with my team this past weekend. Also, Lent has started and it is such a time of renewal here on campus.


Roggensack: Household and Sports

Steubenville has been confused the past couple weeks with some crazy weather. It went from being 55 and sunny one week to 3 inches of windy snow the next week. This week, the hills are crawling with sledding fanatics, and merely walking around campus can put a student at risk for being nailed by a rogue snowball. Students and staff alike are enjoying the beauty of the winter wonderland.


Roggensack: S.E.N.T. Ministries

Happy 2012! I hope you all had a very joyous Christmas and a blessed first month of the New Year. I am back for my second semester of junior year nursing here at Franciscan. After some very challenging finals, I was so glad for the month-long break to relax and recharge.