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Hey y’all, I’m Leah. The Lord led me from Dallas, Texas to Steubenville, Ohio, in the Fall of 2015 as a freshman psychology major. I am passionate about photography, my cat, Ben Rector, ice cream, The Pines Catholic Camp, the Saints and Urban Outfitters. On campus I’m involved in SENT Ministries and a Missionary Outreach team. When I’m not studying, you can find me wearing my white high top Converse having a random dance outbreak with my pals. I try my very best to live by the words of Blessed Chiara Luce Badano, “Jesus; if you want it, I want it too.”

Witham: The Highs of the San Diego Mission

What a week. The highs of San Diego Mission triumphed over any challenges that the enemy tried to throw our way. It was a week submerged in prayer, fellowship and evangelism. I found myself emptied time and time again by ministering to children who were starving for true Love. My greatest hope is that the people I encountered did not encounter the imperfection that I am but the perfection that Christ is.


Witham: A Lenten Invitation

I’ll admit it, I never really took the Lenten season all that seriously before being submerged in such a dynamically Catholic environment here at Franciscan. I vow to make this Lent meaningful, to walk step by step with Christ, to follow through with dedication as He did on the Cross for the sake of my littleness. He’s inviting me to the desert with the warmest of welcomes.


Witham: Abide

Life as a Franciscan student is nothing less of an adventure. Especially with the excitement of beginning anew as a Freshman, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of it all. It is in these places on campus that I have practiced the art of abiding and resting.