Kristen James

Student Blogger


Kristen James is a second year graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program.  She moved to the Ohio Valley from Virginia in order to attend Franciscan and holds a BA in English from Virginia Tech.  If she had free time, she would enjoy spending it writing and with friends; since time is in short demand at the moment, she’s enjoying the opportunities that God has put in her life.  She will be blogging here during the fall semester of 2014 as part of her Pastoral Counseling course, examining topics of relevance to counseling from a Christian and pastoral viewpoint.

Pastoral Counseling: On First Impressions and Web Presence

It’s an unfortunate fact that many Catholic parishes have truly horrible websites. The reasons for this are many, varied, and generally valid – budgets, time, staffing constraints, and so on. But the end result is that potential parishioners and visitors have a very difficult time getting the information they need, and may form some negative opinions about the parish based on this virtual first impression.


Pastoral counseling – what’s that, again?

In some ways, “pastoral counseling” is a very precise phrase that is used to describe a very vague idea. Professionals in the counseling field have put forth a wide variety of ideas about what it is that distinguishes pastoral counseling from clinical mental health counseling or spiritual direction, the two fields that are most closely related to the general concept of “pastoral counseling.”