Katie Hernon

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Hi! Katie Hernon here. I am a senior Early Childhood Education major and LOVING IT. I have a passion for serving little ones and have the gift of being able to do that for a living. In addition to being born and raised in Steubenville, I am the oldest of ten children. Life at my house is really crazy and one of the best things in my life. After college, I hope to teach Pre-school at a Montessori school. I love Jesus, the color blue and copious amounts of coffee. Thanks for reading!

Hernon: A Real Life Christmas Miracle

The winter of 2004 was a cold, dry one in my cramped, joy-filled Steubenville home. We were almost bursting at the seams with five rambunctious children under 9 years old and two loving dogs under one roof. In the middle of the 2004, my father had been laid off so we had to live a tight life for a few months.


Hernon: What Even is the Montessori Method?

Questions people ask about Montessori:
Is it that hippie school down the road that lets kids learn whatever they want? Is it possible to teach reading kinesthetically? Don’t they only teach kids how to pour and home economics? Don’t they clump all the grades and ages together?