Joe Staniszewski

Sales Account Manager, Covestro

The curriculum at Franciscan University was able to provide me with a broad working knowledge of both theory and concepts that are necessary for a career in the modern business world. While I am still early in my professional career at Covestro, I have been blessed with many incredible opportunities and have already seen the value and necessity in drawing from the experiences and insights that I have gained through course readings, discussions, professors, speakers, and events. The most impactful and unique aspect of my Franciscan education has been manifested in the way that Franciscan ties faith and reason to real world applications by providing material and professors who are guided by truth. In my current position I find myself drawing on the practical and virtuous lessons in competence that allow me to make the hard choices, do the right things, and sacrifice myself for the good of others in my vocation. Combining the quantitative knowledge and ‘soft skills’ in the areas of strategy, emotional intelligence, organizational behavior, and leadership with professors and curriculum focused on creating a value-centric environment rooted in truth is an education unique to Franciscan and one that has set me up for success after graduation.

Multi-Faceted Approaches of Pastoral Counseling

Struggling with feelings of depression? Anxiety? How about low self-esteem or anger management issues? In spite of all this, what about other spiritual struggles such as mistrust in a God-given purpose for your life, or a lack of belief in God’s love and forgiveness?  Mental health issues are usually seen as requiring a different kind of help than the form of assistance required for one’s spiritual dilemmas.  Although seeking help from a counselor and a spiritual director is always an option, pastoral counselors are clinically and spiritually equipped to professionally aid both sorts of issues in a person’s life.


Faithful Guidance – The Importance of Pastoral Counselors

The term “pastoral counseling” can hold a variance of meanings to different individuals. To some, this brings to mind an image of a male pastor who helps clarify God’s direction in a person’s life. To others, this term specifically relates to a professional counselor who only helps those practicing the Christian faith.