Erin Sanford

CMHC Blogger

Erin Sanford was born in Pasadena California, and has lived in Steubenville, Ohio for the greater part of her life. She grew up in a Baptist Church and was baptized at the early age of five. Erin was baptized again in her early forties. She says that everyone should know the true meaning of what baptism is. Together with her husband Virgil, she has children, stepchildren and grandchildren. She attended the Steubenville Public Schools and says that she can remember going through school with the same group of friends that have remained her best friends throughout her life. Erin Sanford is a Christian and a nontraditional student at Franciscan University in the Graduate Program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Erin Sanford is a Licensed Managing Cosmetologist, Licensed Cosmetology Instructor. She has an Associate’s Degree of Arts in Social Work Concentration which she completed August 6, th 2011 at Eastern Gateway Community College, as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Supervision from The University of Akron May 11,th 2013. Erin Sanford graduated Cum Laude.

Erin Sanford says that she is still striving as a representative of Christ to be pleasing unto him and one day hear Christ say “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” Erin Sanford says she will have achieved her greatest triumph.

The conditions may not always be comfortable, but God will pull you through. Franciscan University has helped Erin Sanford in reaching higher than her expectations and it has broadened her range at reaching others that are in need to become whole in their lives.