Derlyn Rhoades

Austria Correspondant


I am a second year graduate student studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Originally from Hawaii, I enjoy going to the beach, eating delicious food, spending time with friends, exploring new sights, and the great outdoors. I find importance in seeing beauty in all things and trying my darndest to seek Christ in this great and crazy adventure called life.

A Desire for More

As this semester has been flying by, I am reminded again and again of the importance of having a deep spiritual life to even entertain the idea of being a pastoral counselor. Other than my own personal desire to grow closer to God, there’s also the desire to do so for my clients so that I can help them in their spiritual life. One way that I can deepen my spiritual life is to learn more about virtues and focus on different virtues that I may be struggling with.


Hope for the Journey

In our counseling classes, we learn that we are called to guide our clients on their journeys. We don’t give them advice, but we simply help them along the path to find their path. In the pastoral counseling profession, we are blessed to be able to talk about a great source of strength. We are allowed the privilege of incorporating faith into practice.


The Pastoral Counselor – A Shepherd

As a Master’s student in the Counseling Program, I have still been trying to come to terms with the fact that this profession is the goal that I am aiming for. Like a few others in the program, I am still trying to find my path as a counselor to find what I will enjoy and what I may be successful in.