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Caty Tanaka

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I’ve always thought that hope was a dangerous thing to have and to believe in. I felt as though whenever I “hoped” something would turn out a certain way, I was often disappointed and let down. But I was operating out of an incorrect mindset of what hope was. A wise and dear mentor once told me “Hope isn’t dangerous – expectations are. We can always hope because hope does not disappoint.” The more I am able to change my expectations and perceptions of my circumstances…and the more I am able to bring areas of darkness into the light…the more hope is able to build and grow in my heart. It is in believing that hope will not disappoint and light will prevail over darkness, that true freedom and peace can come.

Hope: It’s good for the soul.

Small self-disclosure – I LOVE Lord of the Rings! My favorite of the trilogy is Return of the King. There’s something encouraging and inspiring about Middle Earth hitting rock bottom and struggle bussin’, but in the end rising back to LIFE! (Sorry for the spoiler if you haven’t seen the movie…)


Suffering… yay.

Ever watch the news? Or read the newspaper (yes they still exist!)? Or scroll through Facebook and see all the different links and articles posted about what’s happening in the world today? It seems as though there’s a common theme: suffering. Everyone around us is suffering. Like I said in my previous blog post – life is hard.


“The Glory of God is man FULLY ALIVE!” – St. Irenaeus

So, what is pastoral counseling exactly? Is it counseling with a priest/pastor? Am I just going to be talking about my faith life? Or do I talk about my personal problems and struggles with someone who prays a lot? These were some of the questions I had in regards to what pastoral counseling is before I started taking the class.