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Bartholomew Ogumelu

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The Christian soul care has been the focus of the church’s mission and ministry. Pastoral counseling shares heavily in this burden of helping realize this mission and ministry in the life of the Christians. Pastoral Counseling can be described as a counseling (guided discovery) undertaken by one who partakes of this shepherding (soul) care role among the people of God be he a clergy or a lay person.

THE PASTORAL COUNSELOR, co-pilgrim on life’s journey!

Our discourse on pastoral counseling continues with focus on implementation of pastoral counseling and what to expect from a pastoral counselor. People go to therapy for mental, emotional or behavioral problems; Catholics are advised to seek pastoral counseling for same problems whenever such interferes with their practice of the faith.



Pastoral Counseling is a discipline confronted with the task of defining itself since it is, in some ways, still in search of an identity. In this write up I will take a look at pastoral counseling with regard to its meaning, history, identity and purpose.

The word Pastoral from the Latin word pastor, pastorem refers to the shepherd role of the elder(s) within the Christian community, especially the Latin Church.