Andi Corona

Student Blogger


I am a second year graduate student studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am particularly interested in Christian Counseling as I hope to work in youth ministry in the future. I am currently working as an Activities Specialist at the Bradley Center.  In my free time I enjoy crafting, baking, reading, and spending as much time as possible in nature soaking in God’s astounding beauty.

Pastoral Counseling Applications

In practice, Pastoral Counseling offers clients an intersection of theological foundations, philosophical moral grounding, and evidence-based clinical skill applications. To envision how this intersection comes to life in a pastoral counseling session, a brief, fictional case study may be helpful. Imagine a young, 20-year-old male college student comes to the office of a pastoral counselor. Within the first meeting, the pastoral counselor is already aware that their time together with the student is likely limited.


The Unique Pastoral Counselor

“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”

With the many thoughts and images the term “pastoral counseling” evokes, it is not difficult to imagine why the disciple is so difficult to define.  Yet, with a culturally, historically, and religiously rich word such as “pastoral,” surely a counseling profession claiming the title must also contain a certain depth.