A. Karina Resendiz

Student Blogger


I am Karina, a passionate Latina and traditional Catholic. Hola a todos! My passion is to work with people and that is why I am now in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling grad program. I have a bachelor’s degree in Spanish translation and interpretation. I grew up in Toluca Mexico. Half of my education happened in Mexico and the other half in California; I completed my high school and undergraduate education in Cal State Long Beach. Now I am about to star my second year living in Steubenville and I am loving this side of the country! I am not 100% sure of what I will be doing after I complete my Master’s program but I am completely devoted to serve God and follow His will. I am open to anything He wants me to do.

Practical Techniques for Pastoral Counseling

Being in grad school, having a calling to become a counselor, and being a practicing Christian Catholic, all these aspects kind of do drive me to be a Pastoral counselor. So far I know two things that Pastoral Counseling is not; it is not spiritual guidance and it is not counseling for the clergy only. Pastoral counselors are interested in people having mental health and spiritual health, like I mentioned in my previous writing, we also care for your soul.


Who is Helping You Take Care of Your Soul?

Taking care of your self implies taking care of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects; for example nutrition, leisure activities, emotions, relationships, etc. Counseling may assist in taking care of your mental well-being which affects your emotional and physical health. The point that I am trying to make is that a clinical counselor helps you take care of your life, and so, who helps you take care of your soul?