Franciscan University Summer shoot hillside view of JCWC

Roggensack: Franciscan Fall: Homecoming Weekend and Tennis

Welcome October! The sunny chill has swept across campus, along with the beautiful colors of fall. I find myself getting lost in the beauty of the leaves and sunshine; this is bad for my studies because all I want to do is walk around campus or take a drive! This past weekend was Alumni Weekend, so the campus was bustling with activity.

knot in heart shape

Cosentino: Spring Break and Engagement

Well, I am glad to report that spring is finally here. I actually stayed on campus for most of the break, working in the Admissions Office, since I figured I would be able to pick up a few extra hours and have the privilege of seeing campus during one of the quieter times of the year. And it was very quiet, the perfect atmosphere for me to catch up on some extra reading.

Close up on dew covered grass

Cosentino: Sunshine and Frisbee

I am glad to report that the fog and chill of winter have finally begun to lift, revealing the warm and lively spring that lay dormant beneath it. I cannot tell you all how surprised I was when I saw a girl wearing shorts and flip-flops to class. Although this winter was mild (one of the most mild that we’ve seen in a long time), in my opinion, it still wasn’t quite the time for summer clothes.