Group Photo in front of boxer statue

Stewart: Fall Break!

What a month October was… wow! Two cell physiology exams, two microbiology exams, and giving my senior seminar in the midst of those kept me more than busy. I will say that I was pretty depleted at the end of those 4-5 weeks of some pretty intense, near nonstop studying. It was a good depletion, though—I gave everything I had for my studies and I tried my best to make my work and studies my prayer.

Graduation Day!

Pagano: That’s all she wrote!

I write this last and final blog as an official college graduate from Franciscan University. Four years have never gone by so fast and have never been so influential in my life. This university has had an immense impact on the person I have become and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to come here. These last final weeks have been a great way to wrap up my time here as many year-end events occurred.

fun kind of busy

Roggensack: A Fun Kind of Busy

Happy March! It’ been a fast two months since I last posted. I have been pretty busy, but in different ways than I have been in the past semesters. In the past semesters, I was very busy with school work, clinicals, and just nursing in general. This semester is definitely less intensive than the other nursing semesters, so I have more free time. But the problem is that I get so excited that I have free time, I fill it all immediately with other things because I can! So, I’m busy, but in the best way possible.

Theotokos Pyramid

Roggensack: Theotokos – What a Household!

Like many seniors, I have found myself reminiscing and reflecting more and more as my time at Franciscan comes to a close. Although there is a lot to remember and find joy in – Austria memories, fall breaks, dances, etc. – one thing that my mind keeps going back to is my household, Theotokos. I joined the household as a sophomore coming back from Austria, and it has been such a stable source of prayer, love, and sisterhood for me here.