Pope Benedict 16 quote

Cohagan: Where the Beauty is Found.

Where is the beauty? Where is the beauty in the all-nighters and the papers and the meetings and the job-searching and the stress that seem to have become the all too typical aspects of my life as of late? I’d been having a hard time finding it, to be honest. This semester has continued at a rapid pace, feeling more like a string of project after project than anything else. It’s been a bit exhausting. It even just sounds exhausting re-reading it typed out in this blog post. It doesn’t really sound beautiful. Right?

girl sitting on the Franciscan Sign

Clarahan: Abandoned in China but with Hope for a Better Life

I was asked to give a testimony at this past summer’s Defending the Faith Conference on the way that Franciscan University has helped me grow in my faith and as a person. While preparing for this talk, I thought I’d like to share with you the same. Because this school certainly has changed my life!

Campus St. Francis Statue in Snow

Prosser: What a Franciscan Education Really Means

“What year are you in?” is a typical question asked of any college student across the country. This year when the words, “I’m a senior,” escape from my lips, a wide variety of emotions arise within me. First, there is a level of upperclassman pride that I deserve the title of senior after all of the countless hours of hard work I have put in over the last three years.

Francis Hall chapel

Stewart: Looking Back at Franciscan

The above photo depicts what I woke up to nearly every morning for the past four years. That’s the St. Francis Residence Hall chapel, a place where my heart was slowly but radically transformed the past four years through spending time “just being” with the Lord without an agenda, through diligent and persistent meditation on the Word of God, and his movement in my heart and life.

Franciscan University Christ the King Chapel rooftop

Dudenhoefer: Easter Joy and Spring Craziness

He is risen, Alleluia!! There is so much to be grateful for as we finish the Easter Octave, continue the 50 day Easter season, and celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday with the canonization of Pope John Paul the Great and Pope John the XIII. The Spring weather has also finally decided to show up, adding to the happy, festive atmosphere here at Franciscan University.

Concentration camp overhead view of train track

Prosser: Walking Through History

Around the time that I was in 7th grade, I began to develop a deep love for learning about history, especially World War II. I vigorously read every book I could find on the topic. If you were to quiz me, I could have named off dates, given summaries of battles, and even told you personal testimonies from those who had been in concentration camps or fought on the front lines.