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A practical look at Pastoral Counseling, Part 2

In the previous blog, I described how CBT could be used in pastoral counseling. Today, I am presenting a model that can be utilized by the layperson and the licensed professional. The content of this blog is taken from my personal favorite pastoral counseling reference, Howard Clinbell. Clinbell’s work, Basic Types of Pastoral Care & Counseling, has been updated and revised by Sister Bridget Clare McKeever for its third edition; I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn and develop as a pastoral counselor.

Classic Freud

Essential questions and answers continued: A practical look at Pastoral Counseling, Part 1

Pastoral counseling, as a unique branch of counseling, incorporates the faith of the client in all aspects of treatment. This being the case, pastoral counseling in practice looks significantly different than the iconic Freudian analysis of the client on the couch staring at the ceiling freely associating the contents of their thoughts.

Challenges Ahead

Pastoral Counseling: Essential questions and answers continued: “why now?” and identifying goals

In today’s blog I will be investigating 3 questions that pertain to the client’s goal, the nature of their presenting problem and the all important question, “Why now?” I will be forgoing the investigation on the methods and approaches for now and will expand after these three have been appropriately illustrated.

Pastoral Counseling or Spiritual Direction

Pastoral Counseling or Spiritual Direction? Essential answers to questions you may not have known you needed to ask.

In my first blog, I attempted to illuminate the purpose and defining aspects of Pastoral Counseling; however, if you were left with the question, “I want to grow deeper in relationship with God but how do I know if I should seek out Pastoral Counseling or Spiritual Direction? Which one is right for me?” you are not alone.

Pastoral Counseling at Franciscan University of Steubenville

Catholics and Dependent Personality Disorder? A diagnosis of the devout…

In today’s world, it seems every person can agree on one common goal, freedom; freedom from distress, freedom from illness, freedom from oppression, freedom from anything that keeps a person from being fully alive. The field of psychotherapy holds this “freedom from” at its core; it is not those individuals that feel satisfied with their sense of freedom that come into therapy, no, it is those among us that feel their freedom is being oppressed by their current conditions and circumstances in life.