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Stewart: Shadowing a Neurosurgeon

A couple months ago, Dr. Rohde, professor of Chemistry and my research advisor, asked me to talk a little bit about my research experience with his Organic Chemistry I class. While I definitely shared a bit about what I have done under his watch while at FUS, I also shared a couple things that I wish I would have heard a couple years ago. I encouraged the students in his class, which consists of predominantly pre-health students, to spend time with the profession they would like to go into.

Matt Stewart


We are in the midst of finals week and everyone is working away, and hard! All my friends are feeling the pressures of their classes ending, and thankfully our environment is very conductive to getting great, productive work done. The picture above shows me outlining the life cycle of malaria within the human body, particularly our red blood cells.

Group Photo in front of boxer statue

Stewart: Fall Break!

What a month October was… wow! Two cell physiology exams, two microbiology exams, and giving my senior seminar in the midst of those kept me more than busy. I will say that I was pretty depleted at the end of those 4-5 weeks of some pretty intense, near nonstop studying. It was a good depletion, though—I gave everything I had for my studies and I tried my best to make my work and studies my prayer.

Brewing in biology

Stewart: Making Beer in the Biology Lab (And Getting Credit For It!)

Cell Physiology Lab has probably been the most exciting and interesting lab I’ve ever had at Franciscan. In lecture, we study the cell. The lecture portion is really intense: it’s a 400 level course and we just fly through complicated material every class. The lab portion is essential and we take what we are learning in lecture and get to see it happening right before our eyes. It’s awesome!