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Stewart: Shadowing a Neurosurgeon

A couple months ago, Dr. Rohde, professor of Chemistry and my research advisor, asked me to talk a little bit about my research experience with his Organic Chemistry I class. While I definitely shared a bit about what I have done under his watch while at FUS, I also shared a couple things that I wish I would have heard a couple years ago. I encouraged the students in his class, which consists of predominantly pre-health students, to spend time with the profession they would like to go into.

dont let your heart grow cold

An Affected Heart

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by people who know I am getting my Master’s in Counseling is how I am able to listen to my clients “problems” and not be affected by it.  I think my response is somewhat surprising when I tell them, “I am affected by it.”  It’s difficult to sit across from an individual day after day, listening to them bare their souls, their memories, their deepest, darkest secrets, their joys, and their triumphs and remain unaffected.