Film Club in action

Robau: The Franciscan Film Club

This semester has been everything it has promised to be and more. Much, much, more. Almost too much. Between household, graduate school applications, classes, work, the play, and my senior thesis, this semester has been filled to the brim with one thing after the next. Looking back on the semester thus far, the extra-full schedule has been well worth it because despite the late nights and early mornings, I feel like I am taking full advantage of the little time I have left here at Franciscan.

group photo of Graduates

Finals Done and Goodbyes

It has been one crazy semester, that is for sure! Wow! Today, I took my last cell physiology exam and I’ll be honest: it feels very good to be done. I absolutely loved that class, but it is time for a break. I think I performed well on all my examinations. In the past week and a half, I’ve also turned in five lab reports. I am thoroughly exhausted… but it is good exhaustion. I feel accomplished and I know that I performed the best I could… and my best will be enough!

Matt Stewart


We are in the midst of finals week and everyone is working away, and hard! All my friends are feeling the pressures of their classes ending, and thankfully our environment is very conductive to getting great, productive work done. The picture above shows me outlining the life cycle of malaria within the human body, particularly our red blood cells.