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Essential questions and answers continued: A practical look at Pastoral Counseling, Part 1

Pastoral counseling, as a unique branch of counseling, incorporates the faith of the client in all aspects of treatment. This being the case, pastoral counseling in practice looks significantly different than the iconic Freudian analysis of the client on the couch staring at the ceiling freely associating the contents of their thoughts.

John 16:33

Explicitly Religious: practical techniques for pastoral counselors

After having theoretically outlined my understanding of Pastoral Counseling, I would like to take a more practical approach to the topic, listing the resources and techniques unique to this profession. The mental health field it’s self has many practical techniques which the Pastoral counselor should also find quite useful such as CBT, thought stopping, relaxation techniques, assertiveness training, etc.

Pastoral Counseling at Franciscan University of Steubenville

Show me the money…what are you really paying for when you get pastoral counseling?

Hello blog readers of the world,

Welcome back to round two of virtual lessons in pastoral counseling. I’ll be your host, M Mullan. A few weeks ago we talked about what pastoral counseling is theoretically. Now we have the mission, if we should choose to accept it, to draw a more practical picture of what pastoral counseling might look like in practice.