fun kind of busy

Roggensack: A Fun Kind of Busy

Happy March! It’ been a fast two months since I last posted. I have been pretty busy, but in different ways than I have been in the past semesters. In the past semesters, I was very busy with school work, clinicals, and just nursing in general. This semester is definitely less intensive than the other nursing semesters, so I have more free time. But the problem is that I get so excited that I have free time, I fill it all immediately with other things because I can! So, I’m busy, but in the best way possible.

Theotokos Pyramid

Roggensack: Theotokos – What a Household!

Like many seniors, I have found myself reminiscing and reflecting more and more as my time at Franciscan comes to a close. Although there is a lot to remember and find joy in – Austria memories, fall breaks, dances, etc. – one thing that my mind keeps going back to is my household, Theotokos. I joined the household as a sophomore coming back from Austria, and it has been such a stable source of prayer, love, and sisterhood for me here.