Tyler Kilbane

Student Blogger


Hey everyone, my name is Tyler Kilbane. I am a second-year student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate Program. I’m from the Ohio Valley, particularly Wheeling, WV. I enjoy long walks on the beach and bubble baths. Just kidding… well I mean I do enjoy those things, but this isn’t the dating game. On a serious note, my passions are counseling and drumming. I am truly blessed to be involved in a program that is preparing me to be the best counselor that I can be. I am also fortunate to be able to use my musical gifts at my local church. God has truly given me more than I could ask for, and I want to use those gifts for His glory and for the healing of other people. I can’t wait to see where He leads me, and how He will use me after I graduate.
Thanks for reading.

The Pastoral Counselor

As, both, a Christian and aspiring Counselor, I find the idea of pastoral counseling pretty intriguing and attractive. The question is: what is TRUE pastoral counseling?

There is a plethora of different interpretations of what pastoral counseling truly consists of. Some believe pastoral counseling is any opportunity for the pastor to guide or comfort, in a particular setting.