A. Karina Resendiz

Student Blogger


I am Karina, a passionate Latina and traditional Catholic. Hola a todos! My passion is to work with people and that is why I am now in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling grad program. I have a bachelor’s degree in Spanish translation and interpretation. I grew up in Toluca Mexico. Half of my education happened in Mexico and the other half in California; I completed my high school and undergraduate education in Cal State Long Beach. Now I am about to star my second year living in Steubenville and I am loving this side of the country! I am not 100% sure of what I will be doing after I complete my Master’s program but I am completely devoted to serve God and follow His will. I am open to anything He wants me to do.

Schmiesing: Born in the Spirit

I grew up number three in a family of seven children. My parents met as students at Franciscan, married, and never left. I’ve always thought of myself as a ‘traditional Catholic”—no hand-raising, speaking in tongues, etc. All that was somewhat foreign, even though, as kids, we saw a great deal of charismatic worship on campus.